Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Oh's definitely autumn...

  The big quilt is on the bed!!!!   lol (Boy--this picture is dark).

  This morning, the dew on the kale and chard and chickweed I picked for the girls was freezing cold. Not frozen (that's winter) but autumn-y cold. On my bare hands. I did have gloves in my pocket, but didn't want to get them wet.

  It was only about 39 last night, not cold enough to freeze anything. I think it's the garden gods giving me one more chance to get more things in, like the green tomatoes and the parsley. I could be wrong. The temperature predictions show a warming trend, with temps up in the 70's again tomorrow. Theoretically, temps like that, mixed with a little sun, could ripen tomatoes and green beans both.  Theoretically.

 Anyone who farms or gardens knows that this time of year, anything could happen. We could move into an Indian summer or be plunged into the depths of winter. The jury seems to be conflicted on whether it is going to be a harsh winter or another mild one like last year.  Here's the secret of weather forecasting:  Nobody knows diddly squat, really.  And they never will.  LOL   I like the "Hillbilly Weather Forecaster"--a piece of string attached to a stick. Instructions read:

1. Take out of bag.
2. Put stick out open window.
3. If the string moves around some, it's breeezy.
4.If it moves a LOT, it's windy.
5. If it's wet, it's raining.
6. If it looks the same as when you took it out of the bag, it's nice.

 I'm in rare form this morning, aren't I ??  I did get some rest yesterday and ran a few errands and had lunch with a friend. I need to call about the pears and see if today is a good day to come get some...and I am dragging my feet.  I have housework to do. I am dragging my feet.  I have bookkeeping to do...I am REALLY dragging my feet.  Fear of economic insecurity has a hold on me today and last night and I cannot seem to shake it.  Someone (who shall remain nameless) got a little loose with the debit card this past week and I am afraid to look and see how bad it might be.  We live SO close to the crease in this doesn't take much to throw us off.  It will be what it will be, to paraphrase my nephew on his way to court yesterday morning. And we'll cinch the belt tighter and stay home more and do what we have to do to get by. And we'll make it--we always do. But I tend to get a little goosey in the middle of it all.  Of course we just had to pay property taxes the past 2 months, so that has put another stranglehold on things, making it even worse.  But pay them we did--on time even.  I need to get better about putting a little money aside every month to pay them, but I never seem to have extra. Oh well. It is what it is. And we won't go hungry, that's for sure. lol And we have plenty of oil lamps if they turn off the lights (they won't).  And we do have an alternative heat source if we have to use it (we might).  And, and, and....I need to remember that for right now, everything is okay.  I think.

  Alright. What is it I ALWAYS say to people in crisis?  Most of the things we worry about never come to pass. Get out of your head.  Take an action--change a feeling.  

  Oh, yeah.

 Someone I love dearly (Mary) once said (and I have this on a note, taped to my desk) :

"Life comes at us like a sledgehammer sometimes.  No time to duck."

  That's just how it is.  Need to look on the sunny side...or I might be swallowed up.  :)

  I'll get dressed, call about pears and stop and get some honey with my "mad money" that's hidden in my wallet., from the Woodburn Country Store.  It's just up the road. On the way to the pears.

 Have the grandest day ever, campers.   I'm going to. (I think).   lol



Ashling said...

These times can be scary. But you clearly have a good head on your shoulders, a good attitude, and you'll get through. Happy pears & honey!

Akannie said...

Thanks, Ashling...I know...but even Pollyanna here gets a little scared sometimes. lol And I know there are LOTS of people living the way we do, without nearly as much security as we have. It's

Beth said...

We all get scared about all kinds of things Annie. I know that I do. I try to take one day at a time. Not always easy, that is a fact.

I love pears and I keep honey on hand all of the time so that I can put a teaspoonful in my hot tea.

Mama Pea said...

I love reading your posts. You write from the heart with honesty and humor. I think you lend help and support to us all just by putting your feelings on paper.

There are $254 dollars in my checking account, it's the 10th of the month, and I have to write a check for a little over four times that amount before the end of the month. Hmmm. But ya know what? It WILL work out. We have more wood on the property for heat than we'll need this winter, and I have garden produce up the wahzoo put by. The roof doesn't leak. (Well, except for that one spot on the porch.) We're healthy and there are plenty of squirrels eating too many of the seeds in the feeders meant for the birds, so they could end up in a stew if necessary. (I really hope not!) We have oil lamps like you and other back-ups. All is well.

Keep up the great posts!

Rita said...

Living hand to mouth has become an art form for me--LOL! The only thing I have TO cut back on is food. It's surprising how much less a person can get by with. You are smart and creative and frugal. You will be fine. But it's okay to get spooked once in a while. Keeps us on our toes. ;) *hugs*

Mary LA said...

Ah yes, Annie -- I too know about living close to the crease. And yet so often there are good things that happen, disaster averted, windfalls, a bushel of pears arriving!

On we go and thrive amidst the difficulties and risks.

DJan said...

Living on a fixed income in retirement is scary sometimes, when everything seems to be going UP and there is no more coming in. Fortunately I still have plenty of ways to cut back, but I'm not sure I want to... yet.

Akannie said...

Beth...I know, me too. Isn't it good that we're not alone? I found a great deal on a 6 lb jar of local-ish honey!! 18 dollars, compared to 10 dollars for a 2.2 pound jar. I may go back and get more as soon as possible, for my pantry. And yes, one day at a time is how I have to do it...thanks for the reminder. xoxoxoxo

Mama Pea--you're my hero. And I have one of those porch leaks too, lol. Carry on and keep calm,...right? Thanks for making my day!

Thanks, Rita--you're right, and every thing that happens in this hand to mouth life teaches me an important lesson, about the world and about myself.

Mary...I know. And 3 bushels...well, heavens! lol What does our friend say about the learning curve? Good things DO happen...all the time. xoxoxo

DJan--The funny thing is that I can always find ways to cut back, and I am amazed by what I DO NOT want to give up sometimes. So I really should just shut up. lol

Mama Pea said...

It's me again. How did I forget to comment on your GORGEOUS fall quilt? Oh my. What a beauty. Did you make it yourself? More details with some more pictures, please. Talk about eye candy!

Akannie said...

Mama Pea--a dear friend made me that quilt for a wedding present 20 years ago. It is gorgeous...She said someone should just SHOOT her, if she ever tried to make a King sized quilt again. LOL I'll get some more pictures of it--have them in my cache, but not labeled as quilt pics. Dumb. very dumb. lol

Mama Pea said...

I've made a few king-sized quilts and also three or four king-sized duvet covers which weren't as bad as the quilts but still one heckuva lot of material to be tossing around!

It would be great to see the quilt in more detail but I know just what you mean about locating specific pics when you don't have them categorized exactly as you would like. (Ahem.)

Mariodacatsmom said...

That quilt is gorgeous. WHoever made it is very talented. The retirement years are anything but golden aren't they? But, we will make it!

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