Thursday, October 25, 2012

2 days of 80 degree temps

  Crazy weather.  Supposed to start raining and storming this afternoon sometime and then the temps are gonna fall about 30 degrees.  Todays high is 83, tomorrows high is 54.  Crazy, I tell ya.  The nighttime temps are gonna fall down to the 40's and stay there, I guess.  So, it's time (this weekend) to really get that lemongrass out of the garden and into a pot, as well as the parsley and whatever else I think I'm going to try to bring indoors. (That might be all.) lol  Everything else is about taken care of for now. I have canned 2 full batches of green beans today. Yesterday alone I picked half a bushel.  Sure can't complain about that. 

  I've been busy with canning, laundry and dehydrating onions today.  Going to sprinkle some carpet fresh on the living room rug and vacuum that in a bit...need to take apart the hide-a-bed and vacuum it good and change the sheets. Tomorrow I am driving down to pick up my niece and bring her here for the weekend, and she loves to sleep on that old thing so that all the dogs and cats can sleep with her. lol  Kids and animals....a never ending source of joy.  She might want to sleep in the guest room, but she usually doesn't. And probably REALLY won't this time, as it smells like onions in there. Strong onions. lol


 We have our discussion group again tonight. I'm leading the group tonight and still have one more article to read, I thin k. I guess I better go look. So that means I have to have eaten by the time the Irishman gets home and then have his food ready so he can eat while I drive. sigh.... I just had a late lunch of a grilled Muenster sandwich on 12 grain bread, with black olives and onions inside it. Yumm...I probably won't be eating

  I have been here off and on...and the internet connection keeps going in and out. Very annoying...but it's what happens when you don't live in the technological hub I guess. I'm kinda tired too, didn't sleep all that well last night, so that just lowers my tolerance factor. lol

  Went to a new chiropractor yesterday, the guy my son recommended. Not sure how I feel about him.  He is very young (30) and was rather unprofessional. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.  But he did use old fashioned chiropractic methods, and I liked that.  So I guess I'll see him at least one more time and then decide if I need to keep looking. I did feel better, especially my neck. Today, of course, I feel worse. That's about par for the course, when you haven'[t been as long as I haven't. lolo  (Almost 2 years...although I was getting massages for a while there, sooo...)


  Alrighty...I've stalled about as long as I can.  The sun has come back out, the internet is staying on and I need to work a little more.   At least get the kitchen cleaned up as much as possible and get that couch vacuumed.  Then I'll sit and put my feet up a while and finish my reading. And then take a shower.  And by then it will be time to go.  

  Time sure flies when you're an old broad.....



Cloudia said...

Time IS flying! Gotta get some carpet fresh, onions, a massage....

Warm Aloha from Honolulu
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Beth said...

Time does fly when you are having fun. ;-)

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Ashling said...

Wow...sounds like a quiet day for you! Enjoy the visit...

Rita said...

LOL! Yes, it sure does!! ;)

It really does sound like a quiet day for you. Enjoyed to the brim, I hope.