Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What's happening...baaabbbeeeeee ???

  Pulled some gorgeous carrots this morning. Thinking about making some vegetable soup to can.

 The chickens loved the carrot tops !!  This is the queen mother of the Buff Orpingtons,  Goldie.

 And this is the gorgeous Australorp.

  This is Brewster... he tries to be mean, but can't hold a candle to our last rooster!

And here are a couple of the youngsters, eating carrot tops. They do love their greens!

 Last stand of edamame

  Beautiful lemon grass !!

  Big pot of rosemary on deck.

  New green beans in foreground. Sweet potatoes in the background.  Swing and pond.

  My big beautiful coleus on the back deck.


  That's it for Wednesday. There's other stuff out there...but....

  Yesterday the belt broke on the washer in the middle of a load of workclothes.  Son is going to check it out today and fix it (hopefully). I pulled the wet things out and hung them outside, even though they're have to be re-washed. Don't want them to mildew.

   Just closed everything up and tried to turn on the air..and something popped really loud when it tried to kick on. I can smell something burnt--electrical wires, I think. Damn.  It's always something.

 And the temp has already gone up 2 degrees in here.   Sigh.....

  Alright...gotta call the repair guy I guess for that....later taters....



Beth said...

Tell Murphy to get out of your house and go visit someone else. Please don't send him here though.

I hope you get the washer and AC fixed ASAP!

DJan said...

Wow! That was quite a lot of stuff happening all at once. At least mildew won't be visiting you. I love my greens, too. Thanks for showing those awesome carrots!!!

Mariodacatsmom said...

When it rains, it pours! Sounds like it's pouring broken appliances at your house! It's never exciting or fun to have to replace or fix something.

the wild magnolia said...

positively gorgeous harvests....the ladies eat up the greens.

Rita said...

Oh crap! Pardon my french. I hate when things break one right after the other like that. I hope things are up and running by now (Saturday--late as I am). Loved all the pics of the chickens, though. Handsome lot. And all the outdoor plants look so good! Nice-nice! :)

Celia said...

Gorgeous chickens. I've been thinking of doing herbs in pots. Yours look good.

Celia said...

Gorgeous chickens. I've been thinking of doing herbs in pots. Yours look good.