Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hump Day...

 Sitting here listening to the washer spinning the last load of clothes. I have chili on the stove simmering away and am getting ready to make a nice skillet of cornbread.  My son is out in the driveway putting new brakes on the front of my car. Some pups are sleeping, some are on guard in the front yard, and mostly it's a gorgeous fall day, breezy and clear.  Only about 67 degrees out there.

  This seems apropo. My son is in a snit because of his wife and I am trying to mind my own business.  You can imagine how well that is going. Amazing how I still want to go to bat for him and make his boo-boo go away and kiss and make it better.  I guess your babies never get to big for mommy to worry about, no matter what.  Sigh....


  On a brighter note, Judy over at My Freezer Is Full (who is my gardening guru) gave me a lovely award that I am supposed to pass on to bloggers who have 200 or less followers (I think) I'll need to check, as most everyone except me seems to have about a gazillion followers.  LOL  I'm supposed to pick 3 and set them down here and send you their way. (I think).

 (You'll have to excuse me-I read it last night when I should have been in bed and now I am a little fuzzy on the details.)  I'll have to do it all right in a little bit.

  Ok. Here we go:

First let m,e say that I kept looking at blogs last night and couldn't find the followers on a bunch of them. Or it would say FOLLOWERS    but   no names would appear. lol

 The blogs I want to give this award to are  ones I really enjoy reading....starting with Linda at BlueSkiesSunnyDays.  I love reading her, because I learn something new every single time. Plus, she and I are both back living in our native lands after years of wandering. lol  Check her out!

  Then there's Erin, at Garden Now-Think Later, who never fails to amuse me with her tales of gardening and family and great photos.  She's a gardening Guru and supermom ! Go there--you won't be sorry!

 I visit TeresaEvangeline daily to read her thought provoking posts and am never disappointed. She's a soul sister...something about her writing and her life speak to me at a deep level.  She has a beautiful blog--go look!


  Alright. It only took me three days to write this. lol Some things are best not attempted when one is too tired.

  I'm off to bed now. Had a good day...lunch with my boy in town, a walk in the park with Roxie, and a nice supper with the Irishman.  Also had a brief visit with my brothers wife, who was up this way and made time to come see me.

  How blessed am I ???

  Up, up, and Away..............



DJan said...

I too really enjoy Teresa's blog, as well as Blue Skies. I'm not a gardener so I haven't followed the other one, but I NEVER miss yours, because I also learn something every day. Have a great weekend, Annie. :-)

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Yahoo for awards. You deserve many and as for being mom, exactly, it must be amazing to have that love and to feel that love...


Teresa Evangeline said...

Wow. I'm humbled. Really. I had no idea you were a regular reader and am so glad cause you're like the blogging queen! Love your sense of humor and attitude towards life.

Thanks so much for the award. And thanks for reading my blog. We do seem to have such similar outlooks and viewpoints.

Rita said...

I have new blogs to check out! :) Congrats on your award.

You are always Mom. ;) That chili and cornbread sounds yummy! I am glad for the cooler weather up here at night, but it has still been in the 80s during the day--and humid!

You are truly blessed. :):)

Petit fleur said...

Congratulations on your award!

Hmm... I'm not looking forward to my son having snits with his wifey. Good thing he's only 5~ Good luck staying clear of involvement. :-)

Our weather has changed on a dime. Presto Autumn! So now we are all sneezey and stuffy from all the ragweed and etc... but the chill in the air is heavenly. Sounds like you have it too. Yum!

Towanda said...

Wow Annie, thank you so much for this award. You made me feel like a special person today. I think it was Teresa, who called returning to our childhood homes as "The Return", meaning, I think, how many of us have returned home lately.
I also enjoy your blog and all your insights into life. Thanks again.

the wild magnolia said...

Fun post!

67 degrees, now that is exciting, almost as exciting as the chili on the stove.

Happy weekend.

LindaM said...

Congrats! I saw your blog over at Judy's and I agree, she is a gardening guru. I will check out the blogs you awarded. I like this contest because it wasn't complicated.