Sunday, September 18, 2011

HELP!! I'm trapped in the time/space continuum !!!!

  I don't know what it is. I'm feeling like somebody pulled the plug on me, but I won't quite die.

  I'm not sick. I'm not particularly depressed.  I'm just....unplugged.


  It's been a goofy few days around here. The Irishman is sick-ish with stuffed up head and cough, but still going.  The dogs and cats are coping with the change in seasons as best they can, since it it going up and down like a roller day 58 and then 77 the next. Rainy today. Supposed to be 82 on Wednesday, and then back down to the 60's again. I tell ya--it makes my head spin.

  It's a lazy Sunday morning.  Himself is gone to a District to-do this afternoon and I stayed home because, well..because I could. lol  I cooked a chuck roast with baby red potatoes and celery and carrots and onions in one of those Reynolds cooking bags, so it's all tender and awesome.  I'll take some in to MissB for her Sunday dinner and maybe she'll eat it and maybe she won't. Her taste buds are failing her, and everything she puts in her mouth either has sugar in it, or they "don't make it the way they used to".  She even thinks the mashed potatoes are full of sugar. lol  And the french fries from McDonalds (which, of course, may very well be).

  I've been reading a little and writing not at all and basically being like a lump of skin these past few days. Not sure what it is...I don't know. I need to get in the shower now, because it's about an hour and a half away from time to leave.  Time just flies by...and I can't keep track of anything.

 On a brighter note, I just subscribed to the page of one of my all time favorite singer/songwriter/ idols and spent some time reading and even emailed her, just to tell her that I still love her as much as I did the first time heard her, back in the late 60's/early 70's.   Janis Ian will always have a place in my heart. She's a remarkable talent and a wonderful human being and that's all I'm gonna say. I might try to insert a link in here later...

 My son is having a time of finding gainful employment and is really worried. I still just want to kiss and make it better...I do what I can in the short term to help him out, but in the end it's going to be their responsibility to adapt to the changing world...I hate seeing him this down, and he told me he's not sleeping well. He's stepping out on a limb today and talking to his dad about moving into his grandmothers house...I don't know how that will go, but I don't think it will go well. His father is a hard man, just like his father was.  A reduction in his house payment would make a big difference in the situation, and he doesn't expect to live there for free....but we'll see. He was talking about being homeless and I told him "You know that's not going to happen.". I'm praying that something will shift for him soon and he can find a regular job that pays halfway decent. He's really killing himself looking and filling out apps and there's just nothing available. He's been going down and sitting in the labor hall everyday for 2 hours hoping to get picked for a job, but he said that last week somebody laid off like 50 workers, and they're all down there every morning now too. Very worst case scenario, they come here and move in with us and we share the house till they can get back on their feet. It would be crowded, but we could make it work. He just laughed at that, but I will not have him living out of his car. This is what family does. And he and his wife are doing what everyone else is doing...cutting corners and changing their lifestyles. And hoping, hoping, hoping....that something will break soon.

  Okay. I have to go shower. And I have to portion up some food to take. And be thankful for all the little things in my life today. That I am still online and I am still able to garden and my husband is still working. That I can share what I have and that I have the skills and abilities to make things work, even when it gets a little scary sometimes.  

 Heard Bill Clinton on Face the Nation this morning saying some really practical things, and it did my heart good.  I hope lots of other people heard him too.

 And I know this is...what>?  But I have to share it, because it slayed me.

  Have a grand Sunday, all y'all....



the wild magnolia said...

Life surely a challenge for most everyone these day. Jobs are not improving and some would have us believe. Here is Florida it is a sad thing for so many to be out of work for months and months.

Sometimes I have been "there" too.

I do hope you are feeling better and your family too.

Happy Sunday.

Kristin H. said...

I'm grateful for a chance to sit down and read some blogs today and I'm glad yours is one of them. I hope for the very best for your son. I truly, truly do.

Rita said...

I think the abrupt change in the weather is effecting everybody! Been zombieland up here, too. ;)

I know the feeling with family. A couple years ago Dagan and Leah were being scammed by a construction company, losing the house they were having built (that never got finished and they left town), had creditors after them because of the house, and they both lost their jobs--all right before Christmas! They knew that if they had to put everything in storage and we had to cram into my one-bedroom apartment--they would never, ever go without a roof over their heads as long as I am around. It all worked out over that winter, but it was a tough go for them for a while.

It would be nice if his father would help him out, but they know you're there for them.

I hope Miss B liked her food. She must think you walk around with a sugar shaker! LOL! Happy Sunday, lady! :):)

Towanda said...

I'm sorry I missed Bill Clinton this morning. I really like him regardless. Hopefully, something will turn up for your son before too long. Who knows what the future will hold. It is so unbelievable what the Republicans, or whoever, are doing. Let's hope for a better tomorrow!

Terra said...

Hi, this my first visit here, and your worry about your son being unemployed is totally understandable. I pray that he will soon find a good job and a suitable place to live.

Petit fleur said...

So true~ about the dems and repubs... very funny!

I wish the very best for your son and his wife. These are strange times for all of us. We are month to month with no cushion and have been for the past 5 years or so... it's unnerving. The crazy part is I'm getting used to it!

I want some of that roast!

Hope you are plugged back in soon. Maybe just take some time to sit and breath in your life. If only for a few moments. Pet the dogs or do something that grounds you.

Hope your week is groovy.

Beth said...

I have lived through a lot of presidents and I have always thought, hands down, with all of his faults, that Clinton is the best president we have had in my lifetime.

The unemployment rate in Illinois is among the worst in the nation. I hope your son finds work soon.

Akannie said...

Oh my goodness. I have maybe just had the worst day ever at MissB' So great to come read you guys.

Thanks for the comments. WM--I think the gridlock in government is making things worse than they have to be. It really irks me...

Kristin--love you too, girlie...are you working too hard?

Rita--EXACTLY!!! Today I was thinking ..."when bad things happen to good people" Sorry your kids had to go through that. I told my son that this might be the thing that really solidifies his marriage. Usually one or the other, right? And they do know they always have a place here, thank goodness.

Linda--Me too. He was really brilliant this morning, and neatly sidestepped a question re: Hillary running for President. He did talk a second about how proud he was of her. I thought that was cool.He's not slowed down much! lol

Terra--Welcome!! I shall be over to see you directly! Hope you'll come back and play again!

Little Flower-- It turned out really good...and she wouldn't eat a bite. lol Said it smelled awful. Good thing I'm not thin-skinned. lol The night girl called and said-did you bring me some and I said ...sure... lol Strange times indeed...

Beth--When I moved back here after being gone for so many years, I had no idea it was as bad as it is. And from the looks of Springfield, it's gonna get worse.

Mary LA said...

Love Janis Ian! How come you and I grew up on different continents when we look at life the same way?

LindaM said...

I'm sorry to hear about your sons work situation. Its good to hear that he has options and can turn to family.
My son is also having a hard time and though we got excited when my husband went back to work after nearly 3 years of being laid off, he worked one week and got laid off again until Spring unless another company comes along.
Its tough out there without family.

DJan said...

It's the worst economy I can remember in my lifetime, and so many people are in the same boat: want to work but can't find any. I am sending you lots of good vibes and positive thoughts and hope it helps. Something has to work, eventually. Hugs, Annie...

Akannie said...

MaryLA---I know, right ??????
And I still have the vinyl record it now and then, but want to get cds for my car. Love you, sister!!

Linda M...sorry to hear about your husband...that really sucks. It is hard all over and what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right?? I'm sure the boy is going to make it through...he was just here for lunch. He's down, but not out...

Thanks does help. And I know everyone is in the same boat, we were talking about that. I guess he talked to the guy at the union hall and they gave him some leads...and he's going to give someone an estimate on a roof this afternoon. I think all of us, as a nation, are learning some real interesting lessons about money these days....

Cloudia said...

Sometimes we just need to stare - internal work is underway!

Warm Aloha from Waikiki;

Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >


< ° ) } } > <

Judi said...

Sending good thoughts your way.

P.S. Janis Ian is also a favorite of mine. When I first heard When I Lay Down from Billie's Bones, I knew she was channeling me. It is so beautiful. You must hear it!