Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday Schmoozeday...

My favorite coffee cup...holds over a quart of coffee....lol


 A productive Tuesday.  However I am realizing the mistake I've made giving away all the kittens but 2.  Now I am the only toy they have. These two, Scooter and Baboo, follow me around like puppies and climb the backs of my legs and bite at my skirts and chase and chew me all day long. They have the energy of 10 cats, all rolled up into two.

  I shampooed carpets today, in spite of the storms and high humidity. The temps were not too high, and the windows are all open and fans are going. The carpets look great and are actually dry. I moved a little of the furniture around too. Not a lot of possibilities, things being as they are, but I moved out one etagere and shifted a couple of things.  Then I made a nice dinner of sauerktaut and pork ribs with mashed potatoes and peas. 

  Watched a great movie tonight called Feast of Love, starring Morgan Freeman and Greg Kinnear.  Had a wonderful cast, including two of my favorite obscure actors, Fred Ward and Billy Burke. 

  I am also reading Marianne Williamson's Everyday Grace.  It is a magnificent book and is touching me in all the right places.   Sometimes I feel so inept, so helpless against the things going on in the world. Only because I forget some of the truths that I know...about love and about grace.  And mostly about living in the present moment, where the things that are real surround me and are right at my fingertips.

  I have a little swarm of these mini-gnats in here for some reason...driving me nutz.  That'll teach me to throw open the house....lol

  I ate a cup of wild black raspberries with cream this morning...oh my goodness....what a treat!  They are so sweet this year,  I picked cherries last night too and will be filling the dehydrator with cherries and bananas tomorrow morning.  Aldi's had bananas for a mere 39 cents a pound, so I bought a couple of packages. Lovin' me some dried bananas....

  Okay---I'm off to bed....tomorrow is Wednesday and I am off to the recovery house to have a meeting and work with a couple of my girls....Have a dream filled night....




DJan said...

Mmmm, those sweet berries sound so good to me right now. I am headed to the dentist today, for a new crown, so my dreams were all disturbed with thoughts of pain. I hope YOU had good dreams, though.

izzy said...

We are just starting strawberries, black berries are barely darkening.

coffee or not - widgets, badges and
virtual cats are frustrating if
you can't find the headings they
" instruct" you to look for...

I so need a tutor- I am truely technically handicapped . Is it my age ? or just the brain is wired wrong.