Sunday, March 11, 2018

Quiet Moments

  It's a quiet Sunday morning here on Honeysuckle Hill and it's snowing. I didn't think it would-- it's been relatively warm out there. But, what do I know ?

  It's been an interesting week or so around these parts.  Lived with the one car after the truck died for a little over a week and decided it was too hard. So off to the dealership we went and sold our soul  and bought a new car. A 2017 with 200 miles on her... a little Nissan Versa Note (hatchback, close to 40 mpg,  a nice little drive).  Here she is (Zelda)  in her first snow:  lol

  So now all the money juggling begins again. It's good to have a very dependable car, and one we can drive on long distance trips and not worry about having a breakdown. It's all good. We'll probably save enough money on gas from just not driving that truck that it will pay much of the car payment. lol  We did get a good price on it, because of the showroom miles and the fact that they are clearing out the 2017 inventory to make room for the 2019's already.   And so it is...

   The seed catalogs have started coming in and the back gardens are all compost-y and warm with the black plastic over them. Himself was raking up piles of leaves yesterday in the front yard (and now they will be wet and heavy) and those will go on the beds too at some point.  We use lots of that kind of yard debris for our gardens. Makes for good healthy dirt. Looking forward to warm weather so we can really get out there and get some stuff done.  I bought a high pressure washer that hooks up to the garden hose so that I can get the gunk cleaned off the outside of the house this spring. In the past (when I have done it) I have just used a scrub broom and a 5 gallon bucket. Makes it a hard job. This should simplify my life. It will really help with the decks too...they get really slick between the algae or moss or whatever it is that grows on them and the spring rains. I have almost busted my keister more than once out there. The other thing is the chicken coop... it's almost time for the chicks to start showing up in the farm stores and we have done nothing to get the coop rebuilt. Always so much to do.  And the older I get the faster it seems to fly by, leaving me in the dust of unfinished projects.  I guess it's part of the joys of home ownership, these unfinished projects. I remember 13 years ago thinking-- we have all the time in the world to get this or that done. Hah. 

  Seems like we have had an inordinate number of terminal cancer cases popping up in this area. Learned of 2 more last week. 4 I know off hand already that are battling various forms. Makes you think.  I've always been that one who hollered about pesticides and chemicals in processed foods and all the other things that we know cause cancer. And at this point in my life, I'm too tired to keep hollering.  I just keep not drinking city water (we have a spring accessible to us nearby), not using deodorants with aluminum chlorhydrate in them (35+ yrs now)  and staying away from processed foods as much as I can. Is that a magic formula ?? Probably not. But at least I'm not making decisions on a daily basis that increase the odds. Reality can get pretty scary unless you just stay where your feet are, and remember to be mindful about the present. God bless 12 step recovery. It's the thing that saves me.  In June I will celebrate 28 years of 12 step living. It has given me tools for a life that works.

  Here's a little more snow... in case you don't have enough at your house.  lol

  It's still coming down.

  Well... I have laundry to do today because I didn't do jack yesterday. A little housekeeping--nothing serious.  It's after 11 AM and I am still in my pajamas, so I guess it's time for clothes and action. Well... movement anyway-- let's not get carried away, on this quiet snowy Sunday morning.



Mama Pea said...

Good to see a post from you. I always enjoy reading. Vehicles are such a blessing but also a financial hardship at times. Can't live with 'em and can't live without 'em, huh? Our work horse Suburban is at our mechanic's garage and we're waiting to hear what's wrong with it.

You sounded calm this morning. Hoping you're finding relief from all that the world is throwing at us. All any of us can do is the best we can do personally.

DJan said...

I rented one of those Nissan Versa cars when I was traveling a while back and really liked it. It's a good car. And I hear you about how all the time in the world somehow isn't enough to accomplish all that we want to do. Nice to see you back on the internet. :-)