Thursday, September 7, 2017

Is it the end of the world as we know it ?

   Not to be all gloom and doom here , but... how about this ??  

Aye, and the world's a scary place lately. 

Safe and secure here in the middle of the country, until the tornadoes start spinning off from the hurricanes, I guess.  The media frenzy is hellacious.  The highways heading north OUT of Florida are jammed with freaked out people running for their lives.  I have friends in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands who are battening down their hatches, boarding up their windows an praying that they can survive this.  Texans are still wet and whimpering, but I read that their Republican lawmakers have said they will not accept any aid from Canada (?).  Hurricane Irma (on the heels of Hurricane Harvey) is heading up to the East Coast.  Wildfires across the upper west are threatening lives and homes and animals.  Not to mention the respiratory problems that go with all that ash in the air. Allergen counts are at an all time high. The Mayor of Chicago has declared his city a Trump-Free Zone and publicly stated that Dreamers and DACA are welcome there. (Gotta love Rahm Emanuel.)  Instead of hating us the way they used to, much of the world feels so sorry for America in light of the Donald and his presidency. Everything is  surreal in this world today. 

  And still life goes on. Birthdays, funerals, moving days, weddings.

I have been busy canning the past 2 weeks. 2 bushel of green beans. Some okra and other assorted and sundry vegetables have made their way into my pantry and freezer. I have some jalapenos that need to be canned into Cowboy Candy before they get yucky. Some more out there on the vine, but whether they will ripen or not is anybody';s guess. It's been unseasonably cool. Time to dig up and have a look at the potatoes out there, but we haven't yet. The plants are all died off though.  I have some secretary business to take care of and have been dragging my feet, so now I am under the gun. And I have absolutely NO motivation to get busy and do anything.  I just want to go take a nap. lol

A friend gave me some kind of a weird butternut type squash the other day. It weighed 10.5 pounds. It was light skinned and in a horseshoe shape. I made a lovely soup with about half of it yesterday evening. The flesh is not a beautiful orange like the butternut, but more of a yellowish color.  I wish I had thought to take a photo of the squash itself before I cut it all up, but I didn't.  Here's the soup itself though (I had some for breakfast too). lol

 With banana bread from the weekend. 

Not sure what's for supper tonight, guess I'll peruse the pantry and freezer and come up with something. Last night was a salad with grilled chicken and squash soup. So...something a little more hearty for himself I guess might be on the docket.  Ribs maybe. 

We upped my blood pressure meds a little and it makes me tired--more than usual and generally right after I take them. So I lay down and take a nap. Because I can.  Don't see myself getting anything done when I feel like this, so here I go...a good hour nap or so should fix me right up. Then I'll be rarin' to go.  Right ?

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DJan said...

Sometimes it does feel like the end days, doesn't it? I'm getting ready to read what happened last night with Irma but reading my blogs first. I always enjoy taking a short trip into your part of the world, and hearing about what you're doing with yourself. Canning is something I should learn how to do. :-)