Saturday, July 5, 2014

Another week...Zzzzziiippppp!!...gone.

Independence Day...we went to the neighbors for a bbq and I brought a peach pie. I had to cook it in our bbq grill because it wouldn't fit in my countertop convection oven and the big oven wouldn't light.  I was a little nervous about it...but I know people who cook bread and pizza on their grills, so I though--why not ?  I used an old oven gauge to check the temps and was able to hold it right at 350 degrees. It took a little over an hour for a 9x13 pie. Yum...

 Craziness here. Had a helluva time getting results from m y thyroid ultrasound. Finally did...a 5 mm mass on my right thyroid, likely benign.  Waiting for them now to get an appointment set up in a timely manner with an endocrinologist who will check me out and decide if a biopsy is in order, just to be safe.  I am having some minor swallowing problems (just annoying, and worse at night when I am laying down...) and will just feel much better when all this is finished.  That doctor will also decide if I am hypothyroid and hopefully be able to regulate that business.

 Tuesday we go back to Springfield and find out of the Irishman is healed enough to lose the back brace/cervical collar.  And hopefully find out when he can return to work. Praying for positive results.

 The gardens are looking pretty good. Slowly but surely getting them weeded. The tomatoes are taller than I am.  lol

Things have been uncommonly cool has been in the low 70's for a week and even cooler at night.  In July.  It's crazy...but certainly a wonderful respite from the extreme heat. (Not complaining here !!!)

 I'm baking some bread right now and gonna throw together some spaghetti for supper. have a small package of sweet Italian sausage from the freezer and  some other odds and ends and it will make a grand meal. Just some good old pasta and bread. It will be good.  I cleaned out the fridge earlier today...looked through the pantry...might need to make a grocery run in a week or two, but mostly we have been doing well.  So grateful for my fully stocked pantry. Thus far we have gotten by without having to borrow any money or go into hock or not pay any bills. Himself has not worked for 6 weeks now.  His last money from vacation pay came in 2.5 weeks ago. So far, so good.  Of course this years  property tax bill arrived.  lol  But we are okay. And I will be able to pay the bills and keep on trucking.  Thank goodness.  Scary thing, this financial insecurity...

  My sweet husband is feeling a little better every day. We are still holding onto each other and having faith that all this stuff is going to work out fine.  It's these kind of little life storms that surely test the mettle of a marriage...and when you come out the other side, you know that you have what it takes to be partners for life.  No matter what happens, you can weather the crises, you can survive the fallout, and you can do it together. 

  That is some comforting stuff right there.



Beth said...

Your garden looks wonderful Annie!!
I hope you and the Irishman are all better soon!!

Akannie said...

Thanks are you doing ?? Hope all is well.... xoxoxoxox

DJan said...

I hope you get some good information about your thyroid nodules. I had to have mine biopsied, but all came out okay. Sending you lots of hugs and hopes for everything to turn up positive for the Irishman, too. :-)

Akannie said...

Thanks DJan--you've been a great source of comfort for me about all this. xoxoxox