Thursday, May 22, 2014

She's going 'round the bend, folks...

 Yup.  That would be me.  And now the crazy is bleeding all over into the other parts of my life.

  Whatcha gonna do ?  lol

  For at least 3 days now, I have thought that today was the last Thursday of the month.  There is a women's meeting that I attend with increasing irregularity, and the last Thursday they have a potluck and a speaker. The speaker this month is one of my dear friends. I made arrangements to pick someone up and give them a ride. I talked about this to a couple of people. I got up this morning and baked a cake.

  Then I got a phone call and in the course of the conversation, I said something about tonight, and she said, week. And I said, no, pretty sure it's tonight, last Thursday of the month. And she said..uh, week is the last Thursday of the month., I called the person I was picking up, explained that I have lost my mind, and will be picking her up an hour later than planned, and there will be cake.  LOL 

  I got to spend a little time out in the backyard, with a perfect brown egg in my hand and my toes in the grass.  I cleaned the coop yesterday, and I am amazed at how much mess they can make in 24 hours. You'd almost think they were somebody's husband.  It's really nice out there today, only in the mid 70's, compared to yesterday's pre-thunderstorm- that -never -really- happened - 90's.  My irises are all finally abloom (always a week or two behind every one else's) and they're gorgeous.  The wisteria that I butchered has been sprouting like crazy and the Rose of Sharon that I merely topped off this year because I waited too long, is looking great. The plants and flowers are loving this goofy weather.

 Yesterday I got a 5 gallon bucket of spearmint from my gardener pal and will start my very own patch of mint. I have some chocolate mint in a pot (yes yes--I know all about mint), but I want a veritable hedge of spearmint going on here.  I'm planting it away from the gardens, in a sunny spot down by the bird feeders.  I am excited about it, can you tell ?  I love spearmint more than any other mint. I don't really like the chocolate mint, but my old neighbor gave it to me and I stuck it in a pot at the edge of my bed of hostas and bee balm and it has been there for several years. It dies, it comes back and there you go.  

  I baked one of those yummy Old Fashioned Oatmeal Cakes this morning, and the house smells grand ...cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves...coconut and almonds in the brown sugar and butter broiled topping.  I'm hungry and would really like to have a  I think I'll eat some celery stuffed with almond butter instead.

 I've only lost 7 pounds and I am in week 3 of the diet. I'm frustrated and cranky and thought about giving up last night.  But I won't. At least not yet...I keep reading about other women (and men) losing weight so much faster and easier than I ever seem's agonizing to me.  Maybe I should stop reading.   lol  I feel better and my clothes feel looser. There's that. 

 I put some chicken thighs in the little convection oven. I guess now I have to figure out what else to fix. (It was a potluck tonight--I wasn't going to make much supper) Now I have to think. lol

 My son has been catching catfish like a house on fire the past couple of days. He brought over 4 big fillets last night and I baked them with herbs and lemon and made some rice and a massaged kale salad. We feasted.  While I was sitting in the back yard doing my brown egg meditation, he came home with another really big one.  He's something, that guy. One thing I will never ever have to worry about is his starving to death, lol. He will always be able to feed himself.

 Okay...I have some things to attend to, so it's time to get off here and back into the world.

  (Feel better Mama Pea--sick little girl!!)

  Have a great day, wherever you are !!



Rubye Jack said...

The reason you keep reading about people who have success with their diets is they like to brag a lot. People like me who never lose weight, we keep silent. :)

As far as remembering last Thursdays, I do good to remember the month. Not kidding.

Celia said...

If I didn't go to my daughter-in-laws every Tuesday for kid duty on her one day at work, I would never know what day it is. And I show up because I put it on my smarty pants phone so it reminds me.

Akannie said...

RJ---LOL You are right about that....and mostly I don't care what day it is, and I even put this one on the calendar wrong.

Akannie said...

Celia--maybe that's my problem--I got rid of my smarty pants phone. LOL

Heartinhand said...

I never know what day it is, so I can totally relate.
The weight loss thing? Rest assured, 7 pounds is normal. Two pounds per week is the typical and healthy amount. More than that and you are just begging for trouble. Me, I'm gaining two pounds per week...or so it seems.
I'm so happy to see green things, I almost come undone every time I go outside.

Akannie said...

HIH--I feel the same way about the green things, lol. It's so incredibly lush and green out there, and the wild roses are smelling up the grounds. I'm ecstatic.

Mama Pea said...

Yes, I'm late coming to the party here. (Any one of your posts is a party, Annie.) Just now (waiting for the heavy dew to dry outside) finding the time to catch up on posts. Thank you for your sweet sentiments . . . I AM finally feeling better, I am, I am! Geesh, what a relief! My outlook and attitude is soooo much better that I wonder how anyone could stand to be around me during my three week-plus siege of whatever those ugly germs were. I'm working out in the garden and am so happy. Heck, I may even go find a brown egg and sit and meditate a spell today! Love and hugs to you.

Akannie said...

Yay!! Mama Pea is better !!!!! Take it slow out in that garden...hugs and kisses !