Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pete Seeger...to infinity and beyond !

 Do you have moments like this?   I imagine if I could find my way to this permanently I would burst into a trillion bits, becoming stardust.  As it is, I traverse my way there and back again, dipping and diving and dancing away yet again. Is it because it's too much for my mortal soul to take in ?  Is it because I'm incapable of processing this much wonder in it's totality?

  Yesterday Pete Seeger passed from this realm to the next great adventure.  I have had an overwhelming emotional response to this event. I never met Pete Seeger, though I did see him perform a time or two.  And I have known of him and his activism and his love and passion for life for a great many years.  And he was the kind of guy  that, had I known him personally, would have been a lifelong friend to me, I'm sure.  His music elicited emotional responses in me...too deep and powerful for words.  He lived to see 94 years on this planet, this stunning blue green orb of delight and despair.  What a blessing.

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 I am reading a spellbinding book right now titled  "YOU ARE  therefore I AM " by Satish Kumar.  A fundamental Sanskrit dictum, SO HUM, translates as You are, therefore I am.  This book is subtitled "A Declaration of Dependence".  I'm only about 50 pages into it, but am already completely taken hostage by his humor, his wisdom and his commonality.  Satish has been called the sage of the green movement.  I'm reading about the early stages of his life right now, being raised by his mother after the death of his father.  They adhered to the Jain religion, of which I know almost nothing, but cannot wait to know more. The Jains practiced non-violence, vegetarianism and meditation.  They believe that the whole of life should be lived as a spiritual practice.  I am greatly intrigued. It occurs to me that at one time, I had a copy of the Bhagavad-Gita...and I have no idea where it is now.

    I am a lover of Indian fiction as well...and have read several delightful works of art written in this century.--The Mistress of Spice, The Space Between Us,  The Death of Vishnu.  Such remarkable weavers of stories, of color, of sounds and life.

  One of new heroines is Vandana Shiva , a woman who is making history in India with her organic methods and seed saving mission.  She is an international speaker as well.  You can read a little about her here :  http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/nov/01/how-economic-growth-has-become-anti-life

  Such an exciting time we live in.   Such a pivotal era of shifting paradigms and expanding consciousness.

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  Still in the middle of the coldest winter in a long time here. No more snow (maybe a dusting here and there, but nothing really) but frigid temperatures --woke up this morning to 1 degree. And wild winds. So the wind chill factors have been staggering.18, 20 and 35 below zero.  That is just nuts. lol

  We had our ecological discussion group last night. Instead of our normal book discussion, we had a vegetarian potluck. It was awesome, as usual...lots of beautiful and sustaining healthy food. like quinoas and salads and hummus and handcrafted bread.  I was in charge of comfort food on that cold cold night (lol)  so I made a vegetable pot pie with rosemary angel biscuits dancing on top of it.

 It was magnificent, if I do say so myself, and every last bit was gobbled up.  If you're interested in the recipe, you can find it here: 


 I made it with all organic vegetables, some I grew myself. I added some mysterious things, like apples and dried basil,  which put it over the top.  I was very happy with it.

It's late and I'm doing laundry for some stupid reason.  Well, not entirely stupid, but it started out [late] because the Irishman had no clean work pants. He worked 6 days last week (he normally works 4-10 hour days) and threw my laundry schedule off. lol  Once I had one load in, it made sense to just keep going. The third and final load is in the wash...his work clothes are washed dried and folded. The dark load is in the dryer. The whites are in the washer finishing up the rinse cycle as we speak. I won't fold any more or dry the whites tonight...plenty of time for that tomorrow.

 Today was a rush-rush day of giving a friend an early morning ride to a neighboring town and back (my good deed for the day, lol), dropping all my tax stuff off at the tax preparers office, taking my car to the body shop for them to look over, assess the damages and set a date for me to come in for repairs. They are a little behind from lots of snow related accidents, but will get me in on the 11th of February. They will have a rental car waiting for me.  Then it was off to a quick stop at target for a couple of things and then down to the office for my twice monthly volunteer position. Then home to make supper. The Irishman had to stop and have his  safety glasses fixed before he came home, so I beat him here. Barely. 

 Yesterday was a day of running around too--had a doctors appointment in the morning that lasted well over an hour of being seen by a new (to me) doctor and then the potluck last night. My blood pressure is elevated and she is concerned about that, but I have been having a bit of pain and the numbers were high, but not what my numbers normally are. She took blood to have a few tests run and will call me with results. I need to have a couple of other issues addressed and we talked about that too. I really like her.  Tomorrow I am staying home, puttering, finishing up laundry and I may not even answer my phone all day. I need a break. lol

  So for now, I am back to my book for a little bit before bed.  Hope everyone is staying warm and cozy...



Anonymous said...

first, sorry to hear about your accident. second, thanks for this post. It was like a wheel alignment for my spirit.

Akannie said...

Thanks Sir Rat. The accident was no biggie, in the grand cosmic scheme of things.

You just wanted to see that pot pie again, didn't you ? lol

LOve to the Missus.

Carol said...

Wow, you have fed me with spiritual food! I want to take note of the recommended books. The casserole is a feast for the eyes and heart and gut! I recently bought meat from a local family who raise grass fed animals. Expensive but satisfying in a deeper way than I could have imagined.

Akannie said...

Good morning Carol ! It's amazing isn't it--the difference in the food ? I hope you have a grand day, my friend !

Rita said...

That pot pie looks absolutely scrumptious! I'm glad you couldn't find the star cutter because the dancing angels were perfect. :)