Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mid week mayhem

  Just a little reminder to myself about the important stuff.

  It's one of those days. I was up pretty early, as hard as it was to get out of that mahogany sleigh bed with the king sized quilt. A chilly 35 degrees this morning...68 in here, of course. But easy day to just snuggle in and burrow under the covers.  But--I got up and came in and warmed up some coffee and sat in front of the computer. (That was my first mistake).  lol

  An hour and a half later, after saying good morning to 4000 people I've never met (and a few that I have) I got up again and went out to let the girls out.  I gathered 2 beautiful brown eggs (thank you, girls!)  and looked around thinking-what a yucky mess.  So, I pocketed the eggs and got my little rake and my big wheelbarrow and cleaned the chicken coop. These short days mean that they spend a LOT more time inside the coop, as they always go in at dark. And if it's really cold, I leave them in later in the mornings. All that means is more fertilizer for me to clean up and put in the compost bin.  It's not a big job, maybe takes me 25 minutes if I'm really diligent about scraping and raking. (And I am-the ammonia builds up in there if you don't). So, I refilled the inside feed dish, cleaned the water bowl and refilled it. Put fresh pine shavings on the floor to help deodorize and soak up chicken pee. Then fresh straw on top of that and put the food and water dishes back in.

 And now I'm back in, eating a bite so I can take some aspirin and my B Complex and Vitamin D. I simply cannot take anything on an empty stomach.  If I don't take the aspirion, I'll be hobbling like a wounded soldier by noon.  if I don't take the B Complex, I'll run out of gas.  And I have way too much to do.  I was getting a lilttle nervous last night, as I felt my throat getting scratchy and there is SO much crud going around out here. I dug the zinc lozenges out of the cabinet and took one. It feels immensely better this morning, so far, no trouble.   I was talking a lot yesterday--maybe that's all it was. I hope so. I don't feel sick at all, just a little overwhelmed by all the stuff I haven't done yet for this party.  But that's par for the course, right?  Seems like the past 2 days, everybody and their sister wants a piece of me. My phone (which has been uncharacteristically silent lately) has been ringing off the hook. So, I haven't gotten a lot done. Today I am possibly meeting someone in Litchfield who needs to talk, so I am planning my final shopping trip to Aldi's to coincide with a meeting for coffee. In the meantime, I am waiting for word on the time from her.

  So--my plan is to get some baking done this morning. I will bake pumpkin bread and get the Chex mix made, possibly, after I go to the store for almonds. I need more nuts! Haha.  I have pecans and walnuts and peanuts and sliced almonds. Maybe I can just skip the almonds.  I get so over the top with this stuff....sheesh. But I love cashews and whole almonds.  For snacks, I am putting out the mix, popcorn--maybe carmel corn, maybe not.  Have to see.  It's easy enough to make.  I have chips and salsa. I have crackers with cream cheese and jalapeno and sweet  red pepper jelly.  I have biscotti.  And I will have soups and breads and more crackers. And some people are bringing Christmas cookies and maybe fudge.  I have hot chocolate, herbal teas, coffee, and spiced cider for drinks. I am using all my dishes and cloth napkins, which will drive people mad (it always does) and I don't care. I need to just make sure I have plenty of soup spoons.  I have plenty of bowls. And mugs (which, that reminds me, I need to get out of the storage). I have a lot of cloth napkins's one of those things I pick up at yard sales and thrift stores all the time.  I may get some more out and wash them., just to be sure I have plenty. This is gonna be fun.

  Alrighty.  One of my friends who has been unemployed for a while, has 2 job interviews today. Saying a little prayer for her.  Another one recently got another job after beig unemployed for over a year.  Grateful that things are looking up...grateful for my quiet and challenging little life here on Honeysuckle Hill.

  I'm off to the kitchen!



Mariodacatsmom said...

Fingers crossed for your friend. Hope the job comes thru for her. There are still so many looking, but I do believe it's getting better. You are making me hungry with the talk of all those goodies.

Beth said...

I will meet you in the kitchen Annie!

Good luck for your friend on the job interview.

DJan said...

It's that little telltale line you have: "it's easy enough to make." When you put one more thing on top of one more thing, it stops being quite so easy! You are still managing to get more accomplished than three normal people, Annie! I am always so impressed when I read your posts. :-)

Rita said...

And I am sure you will amaze yourself with everything you will get done before company arrives! Company is the great motivator--LOL! But whatever you don't get done will be no big deal in the end. ;)

I am still picturing you mucking out the chicken coop with eggs in your pockets. You are my idol, woman! :)

Petit fleur said...

I wish I could go to your party! Your cooking sounds divine.

I'm pretty sure I can smell from here. :-)

Petit fleur said...

PS Wishing your friend luck on her interviews. I have been out of the workforce for about 8 years now and the idea of going back is so intimidating to me. sigh.

Good luck Annie's friend.