Monday, July 16, 2012

Muggy Monday

Hello from the land of high humidity and burning sun! lol

  I am having a bit of a mental health day today it seems. Not doing too much, although I have picked beans and okra and tomatoes and blackberries, and not very much of any one of them.  And I did tend the chickens and clean out all 3 water bowls and throw some fresh straw into the little nesting area.  And I real;ly DO plan to do a little straightening up. But other than that, I finally finished the Iris Johansen book I was reading and have been chatting on the computer with about 5 different women. And eating.  lol

  Yesterday I did some cleaning and stuff, baked 3 loaves of whole wheat bread and one loaf of Martha Stewart's Zucchini bread recipe.  Then I made a nice supper of cheese raviolis with a vegetable laden marinara and a huge green salad , with slices of warm from the little oven (which did a great job, BTW) home made bread.  yum.  I also did laundry and all that good stuff. so...

 Today is [sort of]  my day off.  

  I did sneak out into the studio apartment and turn off the window air conditioner because it's running nonstop. I turned the ceiling fan on high and opened the french doors and slid the screen into place to air the place out some. It's already starting to smell like boy out there. LOL  It's a little musty from being closed up unused basically for a year...I did a tiny bit of cleaning and sprayed some disinfectant around.  I'll go back out there around 1 and see how it feels before turning the air back on if necessary. It's only about 90 today...

   I need to clean out my's suddenly stuffed with...something...and there's barely room to even find anything. lol  Partly it's bags of beans waiting to have enough to can, lots of lettuce and chard...but I'm sure there are things that need to go away in there too...I do a pretty good job of using up leftovers, but from time to time something turns up that kept getting shoved to the back...I think I might bake some hamburger buns and have veggie burgers for supper,  with salad and corn on the cob.  Maybe. 

  Suddenly my day off sounds kinda busy, doesn't it?  It's of the bad things about retirement is that you don't go to work, so you don't have days off anymore. And if you're not careful that can turn into a constant string of days where all you do is work.

  I feel like taking a nap.  LOL

  Part of the problem is that when I sit down in front of this computer, I get sleepy.  Isn't that strange?  Doesn't matter what time of day it is, I shall get up and away from here for now and figure out what to do. I have some odds and ends of peaches that need something done with--might be enough for another batch of peach salsa.  It will be only a few more days and we'll be picking peaches big time and then I'll be BUSY. The ones I have in there now were a few early ones and falls.

  My kitchen could use a little attention and if I mix up the dough for the buns that will be something too. I'm a hot mess right now and need a shower and looking at THAT list of things, I think I'll be busy until the Irishman gets home form work. lol





Beth said...

You work too hard Annie!!

It is very hot here today too and to reach 100 tomorrow. I am ready for a break in the weather.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, honey, but you wrote 'retirement' and just busted out laughing. You work more than any person i know! Now go take a nap! lol

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, honey, but you wrote 'retirement' and just busted out laughing. You work more than any person i know! Now go take a nap! lol

DJan said...

That's a lazy day? Hmmm, this can only be coming from you, Annie. Not a lazy bone in your body. Sometimes it is telling you to take a rest, don't you think? :-)

Akannie said...

You'll all be so proud!!!! I took a 2 hour nap today. WooHoo!!!!!


Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi! Glad you did take a nap! It amazes me what all you accomplish! Nancy

Mariodacatsmom said...

I think the other have already said it - you are the busiest person I know. I'd like to see you in action on a really busy day. he he - bet you are a whirlwind. Wish I had half your energy on a good day.

Rita said...

I am proud of you!! You're right. You don't have days off when you're retired unless you take them. Having two hours off once in a while--priceless!! ;)

Anonymous said...

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