Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday on the old homestead...

 A coolish day here, perfect for digging little round bean trellis beds and unloading more composted leaf mulch, courtesy of our wonderful neighbors. Mr. Man is out there with all 4 dogs helping as best they can  :)

 I, on the other hand, have been a whirling dervish of a domestic goddess...vacuuming, mopping, cleaning, sweeping porches, FINISHING THE INVENTORY... yes, children--it is finished.  Yikes.  It was an ordeal. lol

  lol...I think Judy over at My Freezer is Full has this on her page. It was on my FB page  too..I knew there was some reason I have canned so much. lol   The good news is that we have plenty of food still to get us through to the next harvest.  The bad news is..well, there isn't any bad news really. I did find some salsa that has no date on it (WHAT!!!), so I have to assume that it's at least 3 years old or more.  It could possibly have just gotten missed, but I don't think so.  I have gotten pretty diligent about that in the past couple of years..because I have had this happen before.  Experience (good and bad) is always my best teacher.

  The best part of the whole endeavor is that my pantries and my kitchen canned goods shelf are now all organized and clean. Dusted, washed down and straightened up. Voila!

   I broke down and bought a new mop yesterday..and paid more for it than I have ever paid for a mop in my life. (Can you spell..t-i-g-h-t-w-a-d) .  Thing is, I keep buying these less expensive sponge mops and they keep breaking. This last time, the sponge was barely wet.  sigh... So I went to Walcrap and bought a 20 dollar O Cedar mop. It's the one like a Swiffer (which I refuse to buy), only it has a washable re-usable microfiber head on it, and it has a refillable bottle so you can use your own cleaning solution (vinegar, Fabulouso,   Murphy's Oil Soap).  I used it for the first time and have to say, I love it !  The little container that you put the soap and water in uses 2 tablespoons of your cleaner, filled with water. People, it did my whole, dining room, 2 hallways, the laundry room and 2 bathrooms.  And there was still a tiny bit to empty out when I put it away.  And my floors look GREAT!  I am overjoyed.  I took the microfiber mop head off (it attaches with velcro strips)  and washed it out in the sink when I was finished and hung it up to dry.  Conserved water, conserved cleaning solutions, --a winner!!  I have laminate floors mostly and both bathrooms have ceramic tile.

  Laundry is almost done...the last load is in the dryer.  We are going out for dinner tonight, but not sure where.  Maybe we'll go for Japanese, since I've got a hankering for some scallops.  saw a PBS cooking show the other day and the chef Ming Tsai was doing a black bean, zucchini and scallop one pot meal that knocked me out. I haven't been able to stop thinking about scallops since.  lol

  I need to go outside and see what kind of goodies my neighbor sent over with Pat. She is taking out some yuccas in her front yard and asked if I'd like some.  Of course I said yes--you know me and free plants. I have a couple of areas that could use something hardy to fill in.  When himself came in for lunch, he said there was a "tub full of stuff" out there.  I gotta go see!

   Hope everyone is having a grand Friday. I know I am...lots accomplished, taking it slow, and dreaming of hibachi scallops....mmmmmm.....



Beth said...

Scallops sound good. Enjoy!

I bought the same mop thingie you are talking about several months ago but I have never used it. I just have two floors that have to be mopped, the kitchen and the bathroom and when i feel halfway decent I clean them with my sponge mop or on my hands and knees.

cloudia charters said...

Grand! You domestic goddess!

Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

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LindaM said...

I bought a steam mop which doesn't use detergent but we do sometimes. It's amazing how clean things get with less elbow grease!
Have a great weekend Annie.

Rita said...

Wow! You've been a whirlwind! Sounds like a great mop. Only one mystery plants...and maybe scallops. Have a really nice weekend, Annie! :)