Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wild Wednesday

Probably not, really. Off to a slow and peaceful start...a little over cast out there after 2 days in a row of mid 70's sunshine. The weather cannot decide what it's going to be...late summer or real autumn.  

My favorite giant coffee mug...

  I started to post the picture of Miss Molly McGee, the Jack Russell Terrorist, with a caption that read: "Does this LOOK like the face of an alleged attempted murderer?"  But changed my mind.

 The neighbors have accused her of attacking their poodle again. Again, they didn't see it. My dogs had no blood on them, Molly did have a couple of flecks on her side/rump. But it's deer season here, and she finds carcasses in the woods. Nothing on her chest, snout or legs. He demanded that I pay the vet bill of $162.00  I did. But I am not admitting anything here. He has no more proof that she did it than I do that she didn't. She is, however, on house arrest once more. And I am boiling...

  It's eating me up...that we have to maybe get rid of her? Or that she's being punished for something she didn't do.  There are at least 10 dogs roaming around here in the country every day, excluding mine.  

 On a brighter note, I have a little over 15,000 words written for NaNo. I try to work in the morning before and then again after I get home in the evening. This morning I have managed to waste about 2 hours+ just screwing around here.  lol  I am a master procrastinator.

  I need to  get out and feed the chickens and clean the catboxes and then settle down to some serious writing. Yesterday I had to go to work at I am free until almost 3. I was so tired last night when I got home I couldn't write, and was in bed by about 11:15.  I woke up this morning about 6:30 and still haven't written a thing. Well, a few emails. Some FB comments. Some blog comments. Here. Everything except what I SHOULD be writing. lol

 Okay. I'm gonna go light some incense and feed the chickens and clean the catboxes and make my bed. THEN I'll be ready to write. So, until tomorrow...I remain, your friendly neighborhood dogmurderer harboring writer.



Carol said...

Hi! I can't fit Nano in this year but am glad that you are taking another run at it. You remind me of how brain tired I got with it last year. Unless they catch your dog red pawed, I can't believe that they could make her be put down. I'm in Jack Russel land myself now, haven't posted again since I got her. Funny thing, it put me over the edge. But not on the ledge!

Andrew said...

I can't see Molly attacking and maiming another dog.

I can see her defending herself though.

Mary LA said...

Save the wrongly accused terrier!

Good going on Nano. I am wrung out today and doubt I'll get 500 words done.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Love the coffee mug.

It's difficult to deal with dogs if we have wide open spaces. Our families hunting labs were accused of much mayhem when I was younger. They were incredible escape artists so although we had them locked up... inevitably they would find their way out and bring home all kinds of goodies and inevitably, neighbors would call us any time a yellow lab was sighted. Not always was it ours, but... proof is in the eyes of those who fight the hardest sometimes. Reasonable doubt wasn't available since the dogs did wander free frequently.

No wonder invisible fences were invented.