Monday, August 9, 2010

Time for a morning of rest and relaxation...

 I have jars of canned garden veggies sitting on the counters and island, needing put away. I have a fridge full of green beans needing snapped and canned. I have half a peck of apples awaiting saucedom. 

  I have a dirty house that needs cleaning.  I have porches and decks that need sweeping. I have hair that needs coloring.  (My renter just trimmed my hair for me.) I have litter boxes that need scooping.  

  I have tomatoes that need picking, and doubtless, okra too. I have a yard that needs mowing.  I have dishes that need washing and bathrooms that need some TLC.

  But mostly, I have a body and a spirit that needs some rest. SO....I am taking it easy this morning. (I just decided.)  lol  I may color the hair, as I have a full morning tomorrow. I may take the green beans with me to let my little lady help me with them.  She'll love that, as at 81, she doesn't garden anymore. But I am reading emails that are piling up and writing here, as I've not done so in a week. I am gouing slow and gonna have some breakfast in a minute. Oops.  Brunch, if I hurry.  :)

  I took care of the animals and fed and watered the chickens. That's really all the pressing matters at hand. 

  Learning how and when it's time to STOP and recharge has been a gift of sobriety. I was always that person who never stopped, no matter what. I went to work sick, I ignored my body's distress calls all the time.  I try not to do that anymore...and I have had a headache for over 2 days first I wrote it off to the heat, but I think it might be something else. I'm not getting to bed early enough either, and feel like I may be experiencing a vitamin deficiency...maybe D ???  Also probably need some calcium.

  Think I'll turn on some soothing music and take a break...meditate a bit and get on with taking care of me. I go to sit with Miss B from 3-7, and then I'll be home again. 

  Breathe in....breathe out.  Touch the pool of gratitude that shimmers within.  Experience the serenity that comes with quiet...]

  Have a great Monday....I know I will...



Prayer Girl said...

Touching the pool of gratitude that shimmers within - what a beautiful image. I love it. I think I'll take a dip in that pool myself. :)


Andrew said...

You are a wonderful person and I Love you very much.

Take good care Dear One.

steveroni said...

Have a great Monday? I did! Now...having a great Tuesday. Anie, you find out about that continuing headache--even if it disappears soon.

Bad things come and go, just as good things do (That doesn't sound right...does it?) Oh, well. YOU are one sweet girl!

And you take care of the animals, come hell or high water. How good! And everything else can just W A I T.....
Love, and PEACE,
Steve E